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Current Release Status
Current Release:
Minor Release #4 - 4/27/2003

Expected Release:
Minor Release #5 - 5/18/2003

The game is currently in alpha/pre beta stage. Every couple of weeks, we release a new version of the program that incorporates bug fixes, new features, and any worthwhile feature requests we can get into the game. The releases right now are public beta, however, we please ask that you sign up for our email newsletter to help us stay in close contact with our testers.

We release "dogfood" releases. A dogfood release is defined as a something that you could eat if you needed to, calgary windows but you can't subsist on it. The idea behind dogfood releases is to give the gaming community something to tinker with and experiment with while the game is being developed. Dogfood releases are important in that they help give direction to the game and is the ultimate in feedback.

A public beta will be available once adequate alpha/private beta testing has been completed.

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Company Info

To-Paw Enterprises is a venture started by Dennis Thomas. Jack Neal joined up after informal contact in a couple of Sierra FBPro online leagues. A partnership began as the two of us realized we could use our programming, marketing, and business talents to contribute to the gaming world. We both were tickled to try to make something for the "minor league" sports.... indoor soccer, lacrosse, and arena football, to name a few. We settled on indoor soccer, drafted up a rough gameplan for how to get the thing started, and off we went.

That was back in August of 2001.

We see ISM as our flagship game and are intensely marketing and drumming up interest for the game even before its release. We are both pretty busy with other careers and are into our families, but so much like the Gindins and Sullivans before us, we are looking to create something with our creative energies on a special project that means a lot to us.

If you are interested in this pursuit or others for To-Paw Enterprises, email Dennis Thomas for further information.
Screenshot Gallery

Our screenshot gallery contains work in product pictures of the game development. Featured are the schedule and stat screens, as well as some shots of general team and league management. You'll notice that the interface is smooth, easy to use, and intuitive.

For a test drive, stop on by.
Sports Sim Links
  • Solecismic Software
    Maker of Front Office Football and The College Years

  • PureSim Baseball
    PureSim baseball's official site. A slick game that has been in the making for years.

  • Major Indoor Soccer League
    Formerly the NPSL, the MISL will include the WISL clubs from last year in a new merged league in 2003.

    Free Tech Preview
    Interested in joining our development effort? Want to help preview and beta test ISM? Download our alpha software and sign up for our newsletter and learn how!

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    Top 10 Features
    1. Quick, accurate game engine.
    2. Customizable play by play.
    3. Stats, stats, and more stats.
    4. In-depth financial model.
    5. Player development and scouting.
    6. Customizable league sizes.
    7. Remote league play.
    8. Easy output into XML/HTML/CSV
    9. Intuitive interface.
    10. Flexible league rules, including single or multipoint scoring.
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    Beta Testing

    We need your help!

    We're looking for observant, detail oriented people to help bug proof this game and to generate assistance. Minimum specs for the game are required.

    Those interested or have more questions, please look at the FAQ we have provided and join our email list below, sponsored by Yahoo Groups.

    Check out calgary windows
    Hubbard Exteriors
    PO Box 81106
    755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE
    Calgary, AB, T2J 7C9

    ISM Forum!
    Our forums have the most up to date information on the game and is the main stop for our gaming community. Sign up now and get into the game.

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